Here at THASMAR SHIPPING, the majority of our customer base consists of long term relationships with businesses that have trusted us to take care for their freight forwarding needs for years now.

Our client base is made up of companies operating among others in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, chemical, agriculture, retail, and construction sector.


We ship your cargo from any location in the world and transport it firmly to its destination. THASMAR SHIPPING is a customer-oriented company always aiming in achieving excellent results that will satisfy the most demanding customer. We compromise with nothing less.


We work with all major airlines and courier service providers in order to optimize our options. We provide analysis and assessment on airfreight route planning and time requirements based on client specifications. Our service includes airport-to-airport, door-to-door and other combination alternatives


The use of two or more modes for transport of goods is more than common nowadays. We are here to find the optimum solution to your needs.


Inevitably, Inland transport in Cyprus is an integral part of logistics chain supply. Whether transport involves an LTL, FTL, container or project cargo, we are ready to provide prompt delivery of your goods at the designated place of delivery.


Our internal customs clearance department is ready to provide you any assistance and consultation over customs related issues. As a licensed customs clearing agent, we have the ability to perform customs clearing procedures for both your import and export shipments, whether is a sea or airfreight shipment and prepare corresponding customs documents (ie T2L, export EXA MRN, etc). Finally we can also provide service on filling INTRASTAT forms.


We strongly recommend that you have your shipment insured. We can offer cargo insurance through LLOYDS on competitive rates. Cargo insurance will provide you protection against all risks of physical loss or damage to freight from any external cause during shipping, whether this is done inland, by sea or air.